The Beauty & The Beast Of Life

Life has many beauties to enjoy with.  Life has many beautiful things to see and experience.  I live in the United States, so I also experience the freedom to choose a career I want.  I have the freedom to have many careers if I want, regardless of my gender and income.

Around me, is swarming with divers people who have opinionated mind set.  As if people have that inner need to prove there self-worth.  Many people will not hesitate to express themselves, invited or not.

There is many resources around to help you fulfill the journey you uphold yourself.  Resources ranging from libraries to tutors, ebooks, free workshops, classes, educational base technology and more.

With many things you can get distracted with, when it comes with love, why does it seem like our brains refuse to work?  You can be in a committed relationship, yet feel as if you are a country apart.  Are we so occupied with everything else that we neglect other peoples hearts?  Are we too busy with our own things than to provide any actions to make others feel good?

My parents are my idols.  They do thoughtful things for each other, besides just on occasions.  They go on dates every week.  But outside from that, there isn’t many like my parents.  I soon realized that people like my parents are rare.

We are all emotional human beings.  Some are more emotional than others.  That being said, everyone wants to feel good.  So why is it that not many people wants to take action to make others feel good?  Of course we have the hopeless romantic who will put effort to make someone feel special.  The only way to keep there fire burning is an exchange of thoughtful gestures.  Seems so simple, but is it?  Will people take time to make you feel special in return?  Will that fire soon die out?

What do you do in this situation?  What do you think the solution to this dilemma?   Add your comments and tell me your thoughts!